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The RenegadeAV8R flies the Polish, TS-11 ISKRA. This historic aircraft has been specially modified for air show demonstrations.

The ISKRA (Polish for "Spark") was designed in 1957 as a two-seat primary and advanced jet trainer. The first flight of the prototype was on 5 February 1960, and initial deliveries began in March 1963. Full operational capability with the Polish Air Force began in 1964, and over 500 were built, with 50 of the"Bis D" version going to India. A"Bis DF" photo-reconnaissance trainer was also produced.

The ISKRA is one of the rare aircraft successful enough to see over 50 years of active military service, including combat.

The ISKRA was often used as a fighter/bomber trainer thanks to its under wing weapons hard-points, on which could be mounted rocket pods, bombs, and/or guns.

The ISKRA is a nimble air show performer. Capable of speeds well over 400 mph and under of 100 mph, the aircraft is capable of giving the air show audience an real up close and personal air show experience.

Specifications (TS-11 Iskra Bis DF):
    Engine: One 2,425-lb thrust IL SO-3W turbojet
    Weight: Empty 5,644 lbs., Max Takeoff 8,466 lbs.
    Wing Span: 33ft. 0in.
    Length: 36ft. 7in.
    Height: 11ft. 5.75in.
        Maximum Speed at 16,500 ft: 478 mph
        Ceiling: 36,100 ft.
        Range: 783 miles
    Armament (original configuration):
        One 23mm cannon in nose
        Four underwing attachments for various weapons

Our airshow demo pilot is David Costa. He has over 15,000 hours of flight time in almost 100 different aircraft types. David is an Airline Transport Pilot and a flight instructor in high performance aircraft including business jets and former military jets like the TS-11 Iskra he flies at airshows.

From as long as he can remember he wanted to fly. When David was in the United States Marine Corps and selected for the officer program his one wish was to fly. Unfortunately, the United States Marines had other plans for him. David served with distinction, and eventually re-entered the civilian world determined not to give up on his dream of flying fast jets.

David spent decades in the medical device business and owned several companies, then instead of giving up on a dream that has been so much of a part of his life, became an airline pilot while still running his businesses. He figured the airlines only wanted him to work 15 days a month….so that was a part-time job!

But airline flying was not enough. The RenegadeAV8R needed more. He mentored people all the time about setting goals, and thinking outside the box, so through a friend he purchased his first former military jet. The RenegadeAV8R now is living what he dreamed about since he hatched….and loves to share his message of living your life with passion, gratitude and doing it you own way…..being a Renegade is a good thing! We all have been given great gifts in life and we all experience great pains….but through all we have decisions to make. Decisions to be successful in whatever WE choose to focus on.

David is happy to speak to groups, young and old, big and small about aviation, and personal development. We are grateful to be of service to your event and air show!